XLRP3 Test Cable Kit


Use your handheld, bench top, or PC RTA to test electrical signals!



The XLRP3 lets you take electrical measurements of an audio signal using an analyzer with an XLR input.

The XLRP3 is an XLR-to-meter probe kit.

You get:

  • Durable Amprobe-style  meter probes with threaded tips
  • 3mm backshell probe extensions
  • Threaded screw-on alligator-clip probe ends
  • XLR attenuator
  • XLR to RCA adapter
  • Velcro cable wrap
  • Support from Educar!

-Works with any Real-Time Analyzer with an XLR input:
— Audio Control
— Phonic PAA2, PAA3/3X, or PAA6
— NTI Acoustilyzer AL1, Minilyzer ML1, or XL2

Works with external USB sound cards with XLR inputs! We like the Behringer UM22 on Amazon for under $50.