PAC – AP4-TY11


Amplifier Integration Interface for Select Toyota and Lexus vehicles with Premium Amplified Sound Systems

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  • AmpPRO module
  • Harness
  • Bass knob
  • Knob harness
  • Manual

Vehicles with Telematics (ie: SOS, Enform, etc) will require some additional wiring. See manual for details.

  • Toyota vehicle must be equipped with a JBL system. There must be an actual visible label that says JBL or JBL Synthesis. If the vehicle is equipped with a factory amplifier but does not say JBL, it is not compatible because the amplifier is analog and not digital.
  • Lexus vehicles must be equipped with a center channel and a subwoofer in order for the AP4-TY11 to be compatible:
  • Between 2012-2015 Toyota used two different styles of connectors. In order for the AP4-TY11 to be compatible, the radio must have the 20-pin BHA8113 style connector. Vehicles equipped with the 10 / 6-pin BHA1761 style connector are not compatible. The only way to know what connector the radio has is to physically remove it from the dash and look at it. Please see pictures below for reference: